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All sites we design will include: descriptions, related keywords, robot tags and comments. These attentions to details will get your site listed faster with search engines as well as improve your site's ranking.

In addition to building sites, we also register them with hundreds of search engines and FFA pages. A general rules is that it can take up to six months before search engines begin to list a new site in their databases. Our goal is to have a site listed in two months or less.

Who is Dreamaker Graphics & Design?

Dreamaker Graphics & Design first began offering design services in 1994, when I realized that I loved designing, yet the company I was working for had a limited need. So, I began to market my design skill in the Jackson Tennessee market. Little by little the work rolled in. Soon I had area printers calling and asking if I was interested in contract work. My answer was "yes". Their need for my design skills afforded me the opportunity to grow and become more creative than I had been permitted in the past.

Now, although the printed design work was not in large demand where I had worked some two years back, there was a need for package design and web design. And as with most things in life, the more you do the better you become, or at least the opportunity to expand one's knowledge does exist, and so I fed on every opportunity that ventured my way.

In 1999, one of the printers with whom I contracted, eventually brought me on-board to handle all their creative and design requirements. This has been great since the real-world of print requirements are very much different than that of which one is taught in college. Like my father would say "there's no substitute for "O.J.T." - On The Job Training"" And as with most things, he was right.

Finally, you have made your way to my site, either by chance or by purpose. Either way, I hope that you will take the time to fully view my work. And if I can be of any assistance in filling a need that you may have, well let me say "I would welcome the opportunity."

Thank you in advance.

Ray Moore

p.s - All work contained in this site is of my own hard work and God-given talent and if otherwise, it will be duly noted.

Domain Names

We recommend that you purchase your domain name(s). We recommend GoDaddy.com for the best web prices.

Web Space

We recommend that you purchase Unix or Linux web space for your site. We recommend Nexpoint Technologies and Livin4.com. Both offer great rates and super support.

Shopping Carts

If you are planning to sell goods online, then you will need a way to receive your payments. We recommend using PayPal. They can accept all types of payments and currencies.

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